Short film: Een korte vertelling van een grote queeste

Make-up artist in the film industry is maybe one of the most important roles in the production, but not so much appreciated by the audiences. To land a make-up artist role in the film, one needs not only luck but great knowledge, experience, skills, and contacts. In Belgium(where I currently live), the demand for make-up artists in the TV/Film industry is not as high like in the US or UK. However, it doesn’t mean that there are fewer opportunities for career growth and becoming independent in my land. 

” one needs not only luck but great knowledge, experience, skills, and contacts “

Knowing how challenging it is to be part of the film industry, I am more than grateful to have a chance to work for a short film this year. Although, it is quite different to do make up for the film as compared to fashion, weddings, or TV. Basic things like work ethics and professionalism are always expected in any job especially in the field of entertainment. For example, a crew call of 07:00 in the morning means 06:30 for make-up artists. You may ask, why so early? Simply because they need enough time to set up their stuff and focus on their designated assignments.

On the first day of working, I was very excited to meet the casts and do my job but at the same time nervous that I wouldn’t be able to finish on time. In this project, time was my enemy. There were instances where I only had five minutes to do the hair & make-up for each character. It wasn’t a very comfortable feeling to be in, but every time I finished one task at a time, it gave me such a sense of fulfillment.

There were many good memories I had from this short film project. A lot of them, I don’t see the need to share in detail. Anyhow, I am most thankful for the new faces I met and friends I made. Kudos to the whole production!

Katrina Sevilla (18)

She is passionate about helping people, particularly women, look and feel their best. Alongside, she loves to inspire through her content that matter in self-improvement, financial literacy, and healthy lifestyle. She is a proud Filipino and currently based in Belgium. Katrina is a loving wife, dedicated mother, and a wonderful friend.

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