Why every bride needs a make-up artist?

If there’s just one person who deserves the most attention during a wedding, that should be no other than her majesty, the bride. The popular cliché that says “The bride is the most beautiful girl in the world during her wedding day.” seems absolutely correct. Not only because she is expected to be the fairest of all the women on her big day. Most importantly, she is going to step into a new chapter of her life together with his loving king majesty.

Why every bride needs a make-up artist?

Why hire a professional make-up artist on your wedding day?

So in a few months, you will walk in the aisle on what will become one of the unforgettable moments of your life. You started prepping things up first with the best photographer in town, then your mom’s favorite wedding baker, and your college friend who happens to be a dressmaker and loves to make gowns. But then, you realized that you forgot to do a trial makeup. At the last minute, you decided to assign the job to your best friend since she likes doing makeup anyway.

Brides, why you need a Makeup Artist? by Paraluman.be

1. Your face is the center of attention at your wedding.

You and the groom are the superstars on your big day. Aside from the photographer who’s job is to capture your special moments, there are always those guests who can’t seem to live without taking photos wherever they are. In no time after taking quick snapshots, your first wedding photos can hit on any social media platforms.

That’s why you want to look camera-ready in every angle as you don’t know when and where those flashes may come. The makeup artist of your choice makes sure that your face shines the most among all without overdoing it. The goal is to make the bride look the most beautiful version of her face!

“you want to look camera-ready in every angle”

2. Say NO to stress on your wedding.

Wedding planning can be very stressful especially if you decide to do it yourself. Your wedding day only happens in one day but your preparation was months after months. Try to get some treats with your partner weeks before the event. One great idea to have the best relaxation is to go out for a massage.

Aside from pampering your physical bodies, don’t forget to schedule away in advance of your makeup trial with different makeup artists. In this way, you have ample time to choose which one to work with. Again, you don’t want to be stressed out on that “the day”. The makeup artist is there to help you with your beauty needs so you can have a worry-free wedding. You don’t have to do it on your own or hire someone who has no experience in the makeup field.

“You don’t have to do it on your own .”

3. Your entourage needs to look great as well.

In a normal wedding set-up, the entourage will always be present. A wedding entourage is usually composed of the bride and groom’s parents, immediate family members, bride’s maids, and more. Your entourage will also be at your wedding pictorials together with you. They will be on your wedding photo albums which you will look at for as long as you live.

Why not hire a makeup artist to properly groom them. In that way, they feel treated while being made up. This is also a wonderful time for the entourage to bond together. The makeup artist is tasked to make your entourage look great as well. The job is to ensure that no one looks pale and oily on those captured memories.

Why not hire a makeup artist to properly groom them.

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