What makes a woman beautiful?

For millennia, beauty has always been the subject of human’s pursuit in finding confidence and importance. Apparently, none of the most popular women in history like Audrey Hepburn and Mother Theresa had fascinated beauty in their own rights.

What makes a woman beautiful? by Paraluman.be

It is a woman’s instinct to make herself likable, just as any man’s instinct to protect his loved ones. That is just the way biology works and there is nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, television and social media have paved the way to introduce specifically to women what beauty should be, based only on the aesthetic ground.

What is beauty?

Our minds were conditioned at a very young age that beauty is gauged using certain standards. Think of someone following a list of regulations about beauty must do’s and have’s. For instance, a girl in Asia uses a whitening body lotion and a straightening shampoo on a daily basis. While in the West, you can barely find someone wearing an umbrella under the heat of the summer. Each individual in every culture may have unique perceptions of beauty to one another.

Beauty as a subject

Whenever someone utters “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”, we know straight away that the judgment is left to a person whether he or she finds another one beautiful or not. This is so true in countries like the Philippines where for example, having long, straight hair and lighter skin are something to die for. Whereas, western girls find darker skin adorable to the point where sales on tanning products can quickly go skyrocket. We can say that beauty is subjective, as what one finds beautiful and attractive may not be for another.

“Beauty is subjective “

Beauty as a cultural invention

Humans have kept innovating over the years. We are thinking animals and that is what sets us apart from any living creatures on earth. However, human beings do not think and behave all together in the same way. We do, believe, talk, and act the way our parents and grandparents did years ago. Ultimately, which culture we belong to matters what our minds perceive. One side of the globe may be used to think that women with voluptuous bodies are sexy. While the rest may believe that being skinny and tall is more preferable. Cultural groups invent their knowledge of beauty according to what they observe within and outside their groups.

“which culture we belong to matters what our minds perceive “

What makes a woman beautiful outside?

What makes a woman beautiful outside? by Paraluman.be

1. Proper Hygiene

Beauty starts in basic things. One of them is having a personal ritual of maintaining a clean body. Not only you get to keep your body healthy but also you make your outer appearance good looking. Ladies most especially need to have a beauty regimen. It could be as simple as washing the face before going to bed. Some, try to build a habit of getting a facial at least once a month. Whatever it is that you do habitually for your health and beauty makes a huge difference. Gone are those days where many of us only want to look beautiful. Hygiene is the foundation of beauty!

“Ladies most especially need to have a beauty regimen.”

2. Correct Body Posture

Our bodies speak so much more than what words can convey. Let us say, one can tell if someone is confident and smart with body queues alone. That goes to show how we should pay attention to our body posture. How do we start correcting our body posture? Exercise is the key to having a good posture. There are specific exercises you can do in order to achieve the goal. On YouTube, you can find vast reliable sources about different exercises in this area. You may also want to hire professionals like a chiropractor or kinesiologist if you want a one on one coaching.

” Exercise is the key to having a good posture. “

3. Elegance

First, let us define what exactly elegance means. According to Oxford, “Elegance is the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.”. From the definition, outer looks and expensive clothes alone can already make one an elegant person. On the other hand, one can also be called elegant by having great social grace and proper behavior. Having both physical appearance and right manners at the same time would even be more ideal. With a heart that is teachable and disciplined, any woman who aspires to be the next Audrey Hepburn can definitely achieve elegance.

” one can also be called elegant by having a great social grace and proper behavior “

What makes a woman beautiful inside?

What makes a woman beautiful inside? by Paraluman.be

1. Positive Attitude

Everyone probably agrees that no matter how many piles of make up a woman puts on her face, that does not make her any prettier than others. It is the right attitude that counts. She may have the most beautiful face in the town or wear the fanciest clothes and bags in the season. If she puts other people down in order to bring herself up, that depreciates her as a woman of true beauty. But without having a good heart for others, all the rest we do for ourselves are in vain. Having a good character and a positive attitude are the best qualities every woman should have.

“It is the right attitude that counts.”

2. Productivity

Women are naturally born to be productive. From the childbearing to household multitasking, it is simply innate for women to juggle things with grace. No wonder women just like men are prospering in almost anything they lay their hands on to. On the other side, there are also women who seem to forget what they’re capable of doing. A woman is beautiful when she leverages her skills and abilities for the good. It does not matter if she is a career woman or a homemaker. A woman of great beauty produces a good result whether at home or in a working place.

” A woman is beautiful when she leverages her skills and abilities for the good. “

3. Intelligence

We are not talking here about I.Q. or your G.W.A. in college. Someone can be a university drop out but a street-smart and earning ten times more than a Ph.D. holder. In the same way, a book-smart can collect all the degrees she wants, but remains unemployable. Knowledge is learned but wisdom is caught. However, it pays off to have both at once. As they say, ” Gossip dies when it hits a wise person’s ears.”. It is plain to see that an intelligent woman makes a good judgment based on facts and discernment, not on assumptions.

” Knowledge is learned but wisdom is caught. “

To summarize

As a rundown, every single woman strives for beauty no matter what culture she believes in. While many look for physical beauty as the premise of social acceptance. No one else is more powerful than a woman with a heart of gold. Imagine what impact she could bring to her circle of influence for being beautiful inside and outside.

As a woman, what do you think about being beautiful in and out?

Katrina Sevilla (18)

She is passionate about helping people, particularly women, look and feel their best. Alongside, she loves to inspire through her content that matter in self-improvement, financial literacy, and healthy lifestyle. She is a proud Filipino and currently based in Belgium. Katrina is a loving wife, dedicated mother, and a wonderful friend.

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