MUD Gent: Open School Days

The best thing that makeup artists can give to themselves is proper education. One can have passion and talent but without guidance and the right approach, it can be quite a rough road to get to where you want to achieve.

At the moment, there are several options where to subscribe to makeup education. The most popular are conventional and online schooling. In my own case, I opted for the conventional way of learning so that I can build my structure and interact with fellows.            

There are different types of make-up. They are beauty, fashion, body & face, theater, television, special effects, films or movies and personal services. It is your personal choice which area of makeup you would like to pursue.

MUD Gent conducted an open school day where I got a chance to witness live demos by top Makeup Artists in their own field. It was a fun and interactive way for possible students to learn about the school and what they can actually offer me.

Here are some of the photos taken during the open school days in MUD Gent!
MUD Director Paul Thompson & I after the Special Effects demo session  
Paul Thompson on Special Effects Make-Up  
Bridal Make-Up Demo  
Photo Credit to MUD Belgium  

Katrina Sevilla (18)

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