Hilot traditional Filipino Massage

What is the traditional Filipino massage called Hilot?

Not many know that Filipinos have their own authentic massage dating back in ancient times. This massage is locally called “hilot”; a Filipino indigenous art of healing. The practice of hilot is traditionally passed on from one generation to the next, through learning it performed by elderly to sick family members and relatives. Besides, it is not only a form of healing but an effective merging of art and natural laws.

“hilot”; a Filipino indigenous art of healing.

Who performs hilot?

Hilot is a traditional practice of healing in the Philippines which involves mainly the use of hands and intuition. This special way of treatment in the form of an art massage is performed by the elderly healers called “manghihilot”. Many Filipinos seek advice and care from a hilot practitioner up to the present time as it is a great alternative to medical practitioners. The art of hilot is normally learned and passed on by the local elderly practitioners to their kin without any formal education or workshop.

is performed by the elderly healers called “manghihilot”

How is hilot performed?

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The hilot massage normally starts with the practitioner scanning the body using hands with a medium to light massage execution. Once problem areas are identified, the focus is to make those areas free and lighter from any trapped energy called “lamig”. The use of natural ingredients like banana leaves, coconut oil and bamboo sticks to carry out hilot is also an essential part of its authenticity. The practice of hilot is widely accepted and predominant particularly in the rural areas. It is believed that the effect of strong deep massage helps in relieving common health issues like colds, fever, and stress.

practitioner scanning the body using hands with a medium to light massage execution

To wrap up

Hilot is an ancient and traditional Filipino massage that is believed to heal common sickness like fever and cough with the use of art massage. It is normally a full-body massage that de-stresses stiffed body muscles and removes bad energy which allows healthy blood circulation. Hilot is truly a wonderful massage that Filipinos can call their own.

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