The Colorful Life of a Make-Up Artist


As the title suggests, one can already get a glimpse of the complicated yet vibrant life of make-up artists. Well, at least in terms of career. Many people see it as a glamorous and fancy job, which can be true but is not always the case. There are few others who have zero awareness that being a Makeup Artist is even a profession. Every person is entitled to his or her own view for pretty much anything, but for those who are working in the beauty & art industry, you know exactly what I mean. Ups and downs are inevitable and are meant to happen for the good if we see it that way. Same as being a make-up artist, it is important to learn the art of going with the flow of life and use all available resources we have to increase our skills and network.


Being a make-up artist doesn’t mean working only for models and big projects. Personally, a lot of my clients are private individuals. They are normal working people who just want to look fabulous like celebrities when attending special events. Great makeup artists always want to make sure that they give each client the same quality of service regardless of who they are. Another thing with being a makeup artist is being ready working with male and transgender grooming. Makeup for men and transgenders are not always easy as you can imagine. Preparing in advance by studying the models’ faces and creating a face chart makes the job way easier and effective. What I learned since the beginning is that experience is your best friend. The more faces you put makeup on, the better your skills become.


Character matters more than anything. In any type of industry, there will always be rude people out there. No matter how badly or nicely they treat you, be consistent in doing good and it shall always come back to you. My top two most important traits for a make-up artist are punctuality and integrity. Being punctual says a lot good about one’s personality. For makeup appointments, I like to arrive at least 15-minutes early before the call time. By being first on the scene, I get to organize well my stuff and my mind so I can expect a job well done. Integrity for me is having a strong moral and working ethical principles towards people I work with. Generally, challenges are normal happenings in life that are to be dealt with the right disposition.


Good quality products are one of the essentials of a serious and professional makeup artist. This doesn’t suggest that only high-end brands should be used by a good artist. What I meant here is the quality and effectiveness of the products rather than the label. There are many low and mid-range brands available in the market today that are great for sensitive skin and deliver impressive results as well. Makeup tools such as brushes and brush cleaner can also be a bit pricey. As a professional makeup artist, I pay a lot of attention to hygiene. So, I make sure that my brushes are well sanitized every after use. It doesn’t only clean my tools, also it makes them last longer. Investment can be a huge deal for anyone who chooses to start doing makeup as his or her career. However, it is going to be worth it, if one would like to establish a good reputation for the clients.

Katrina Sevilla (18)

She is passionate about helping people, particularly women, look and feel their best. Alongside, she loves to inspire through her content that matter in self-improvement, financial literacy, and healthy lifestyle. She is a proud Filipino and currently based in Belgium. Katrina is a loving wife, dedicated mother, and a wonderful friend.

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