Spring-Summer 2016 Beauty Trends

Every beauty lover like I myself knows how everyone wants to speed up the season to finally plunge into a soft touch of sunshine with a full blast of blossoms here and there. Well, the waiting is finally over! Spring 2016 has officially started and I am ready to bring out the latest in the beauty department.

by Christian Dior’s YouTube

Ever since studying Beauty Essentials at MUD, I am captivated by works of Peter Philips, a Belgian make-up artist and currently an image director of Dior. For certain, I don’t endorse any brands. But without a doubt, Dior has gotten my heart in terms of creating a natural makeup look. It is amazing how Philips set all the trend-collection together and has the last say on it. Meanwhile, I am about to show my version of the most recent Spring-Summer makeup trends based on Dior’s Glowing Gardens Spring 2016 Collection.

by FashionInside.bg

As many beauty fanatics know of, typical shades of yellow, pink, blue and green are always on the trend list. When the weather turns warmer day by day, it’s always a great idea to bare a bit of your skin.

Adding a hint of illuminating powder on your temples, forehead, bridge of the nose, cheekbones, and chin will make you face radiant as it reflects the sun’s shine. Just do not overdo it or it may look tacky.

As for eyes, minimal glitters of cooler shades are a great choice. One or two different shades are enough to compliment the overall look. Avoid mixing colors in the rainbow or the look will become like a peacock-theme. Add a definition by applying a thin line of eyeliner. As daylight goes by, you can smudge the eyeliner to make it even soft dark for evening parties.

For sweeter and glowy cheeks, opt for bright pinks and oranges depending on your skin tone. Something that pops up your face and makes it fresher yet very subtle is just perfect.

Make the eyebrows enhanced yet natural-looking. Use two shades lighter than your own eyebrow color.

Finally, finish the look with a smooth light pink lip color and top it with a shiner. You can play around between pink, orange or red but obviously, avoid dark plum.

Dior’s Spring Summer 2016 Look/by Dior.com

Here’s my Dior Spring-Summer 2016 make-over video!


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