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How to look stunning on parties and events?

Do you always get into a dilemma whenever your company organizes a job-related party? Are you one of those girls who say, “I’ll let it pass for now. I have nothing special in my wardrobe.”? Then, it’s time to debunk this mediocrity that ruins your social life.

How to look stunning on parties and events? by

Whether it’s a corporate event, your best friend’s gala dinner, a community festivity, or even just a yearly get together with friends, we all want to feel beautiful and important. So how do we look stunning on parties without fussing with the preparation?

What to prepare for to look stunning on parties?

What to prepare for to look stunning on parties? by

Here’s the confused version of you, standing in front of a mirror while imagining how you might look during the party.

Organizers normally announce events at least one month ahead of time. Some bigger and formal events are even promoted between 90 to 180 days in advance. There’s definitely no way we should turn down any upcoming parties in the long run.

Knowing when, where, what the event will be, prepares our conscious mind on what to do with the least stress as possible. The moment you receive the invitation letter, check your calendar right away for any conflicts. Then, immediately block the date if you can.

1. Know the party theme in advance

Themes are the main part of events. It helps build the whole objective of the gathering. It also brings a sense of togetherness and unity. That being said, it is important for each guest to coerce in what was agreed upon by the event planner. As a guest, you should be able to know the event theme in advance. This doesn’t plainly mean only reading the invitation. This requires, searching in different sources what the story of the theme is about. The most popular themes are Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge, Audrey Hepburn, and Masquerade.

The reason why you have to do all the research is mainly to establish how you present yourself through your clothing and overall appearance. Next, you can move on to looking for which outfit and shoes to wear on. Having the color of the theme in your wardrobe doesn’t equate to adhering with the theme. Make it to a point that everything is properly and comfortably fit in your shape. When it comes to shoes, be sure that it is appropriate for your clothes. If you have to wear stilettos or high heels, try to practice them first at home.

“establish how you present yourself through your clothing and overall appearance”

2. Use appropriate hair and makeup.

Now that you have your costume, shoes, and maybe accessories made ready. It just makes sense to progress on to the beauty zone. You could be thinking of doing a DIY hair and makeup for yourself. There is nothing wrong with that for sure. The thing is you have to do it right. What it means is, you have to know what you are doing or you will ruin your entire look. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to hire a professional makeup artist to do the job for you.

Your face is the window to your soul. So making your face attractive especially your eyes are the secret to the perfect you. This is given that you don’t compromise the theme. Your makeup and hair should blend together with the rest of your attire. Come to think of makeup and hair as one department and your wardrobe as another department. They both have different tasks but they work for the same company. They are supposed to be in line together in terms of the company’s goal. Remember that for a classy look, less colored makeup is highly advisable.

“Your makeup and hair should blend together with the rest of your attire. “

3. Watch your posture.

Finally, you are almost ready and set to go. The last prep that you can offer to yourself will make or break people’s first impression on you. This is precisely about being natural on yourself without overdoing confidence. Acting someone else that you are not maybe awkward in a certain situation especially when you are around with your colleagues or friends.

How is it supposed to be done? The simplest way to do it is by correcting your posture. By standing and sitting correctly during parties or events, you look instantly confident. Slouching, for example, suggests that you are not interested in what is currently happening. When you have a proper posture, you are welcoming people and it is easy to connect with new faces in the crowd. This also plays well during event pictorials. When you know how to pose and accentuate your angles, you will look stunning on all your party photos.

“When you have a proper posture, you are welcoming people and it is easy to connect with new faces in the crowd.”

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