Happy Mother’s Day!

The whole world rejoices her beautiful existence! She brings joy and life to the family as she works harder like a big boss. Why don’t we pause, remember, and treat her for even just a moment in the best way we can? Just because, it’s her time to shine.

We call her in different names like mama, mom, mommy, ma, moeke, nanay, etc. In whatever culture we come from, she must be the most honored and celebrated while being a hardworking figure. She is there from the beginning of our lives until for as long as she lives. Few might not have the opportunity to know or meet her after they were born. Many of us get the chance to see her almost every day. While others lost her during childhood or adulthood years and it suddenly changed their lives. Whichever you fall in any of these categories, know and forget not that she does crazy things for us out of love.

It may not be enough to celebrate our mothers’ contribution to our lives and society for a day or two. She embodies such power and grace that shape our family and the entire humanity. It is truly without a doubt, she deserves all the praises from everyone of us. In May, we celebrate this one special female who plays the most challenging job in the world. By remembering and loving her back even in the simplest way, we pay tribute to our dear mothers.

To all the super moms out there, we would like to appreciate you for being the person you are created for. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Katrina Sevilla (18)

She is passionate about helping people, particularly women, look and feel their best. Alongside, she loves to inspire through her content that matter in self-improvement, financial literacy, and healthy lifestyle. She is a proud Filipino and currently based in Belgium. Katrina is a loving wife, dedicated mother, and a wonderful friend.

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