Five Best Healthy Valentine’s Gifts

It is surely one of those holidays in which loving couples love the most. Time of the year where industries of flowers and chocolates are at its peak and booming. For many, this can also be a great family experience where we can express how much we love and appreciate our parents, kids, and friends. No matter how we celebrate and who we celebrate Valentine’s with, hopefully, it is motivated with real love.
Speaking of celebration, we cannot just put aside gifts from it. You may already have been thinking what your next perfect gift will be for your spouse, girlfriend or parents(since your presents for centuries has always been chocolates and flowers due to its marketing hype). This season can be a special time to step up your giving by choosing gifts that will bring good health and happiness too to the receiver.
Here are the top list, you & your recipients will love:
1. A box of dark chocolate/pralines – Yes, it has been mentioned above the hype of chocolates as gifts in Valentines. However, we’re referring here to dark healthy chocolates. Those are the ones that are nutritious and can be a good source of antioxidants. You don’t have to fly to Belgium to get the best ones. Simply go to your local trusted chocolate shop or organic shops and you’ll surely get the right ones.
2. A basket of healthy goodies – This is now the new trend in a lot of stores nowadays; a basket of different sizes with all sorts of mixed stuff inside and wrapped in an enticing bow. But do you know that you can actually make it yourself while making sure you don’t splurge huge pennies? Grab your grandma’s wooden basket and start filling it with goodies you find from a local health store or organic shop. Choose some things like organic soaps, body wash with essential oils in it and add healthy chips and nuts.
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3. A Goals Diary – Every couple has dreams and goals and what better way to make those come into reality is by writing them in a diary. A known keynote speaker once said, “If you have a goal, write it down. If you do not write it down, you do not have a goal – you have a wish.” Diaries don’t have to be fancy. They can even be merely notebooks with a well-customized cover. Check some arts and crafts on YouTube on how to make a DIY cover diary. Don’t forget! Pair your diary with a nice multi-colored pen and start writing your dreams & goals with your loved ones.
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4. Wellness Cookbook – Well, most women love to cook at least for their loved ones. So why not give them a wellness cookbook that will certainly last for a generation. Some cookbooks these days have even more than hundreds of recipes in it. Of course, nothing still beats the hardbound copy more than online videos.
Be healthy inside and out!
5. A Massage Treat – This treat is one of our favorites! After all, who wouldn’t want to be pampered and relaxed? Every single woman out there whether you are a full-time housewife, an employee working 5 times a week/8 hours a day, an entrepreneur running your family’s business or simply a student is worthy of a well-deserved relaxing massage treatment. There are countless health benefits you can gain from it especially when quality & organic oils are used. You will never go wrong with this treat in just about any holidays!
What for you is the best healthy Valentine gift? Share us your idea.

Katrina Sevilla (18)

She is passionate about helping people, particularly women, look and feel their best. Alongside, she loves to inspire through her content that matter in self-improvement, financial literacy, and healthy lifestyle. She is a proud Filipino and currently based in Belgium. Katrina is a loving wife, dedicated mother, and a wonderful friend.

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