Do children need a massage?

Do children really need a massage, despite studies show that their muscles are as fit as highly trained athletes? The answer is yes. Medical research proves that everyday massage is highly beneficial for children, regardless of their age. In fact, massage for children including infants has long been practiced by early humans.

Do children need a massage? by

Cultural beliefs like rituals and beliefs, allow ancient humanity to give their children a massage for healing purposes. More than that, parents and children connection makes it possible to have a close family tie. It is a very important thing in the past and should also be in the present. Unfortunately, with the modern age comes new values and practices towards massage.

Why massage children?

Why massage children? by

1. Children are still growing.

Their lifestyle is now much more active than ours 20 years ago. Children these days are engaged in so many activities aside from those of the school. They juggle different training and workshop such as ballet, football, music, and academics.

Although, we know that most children have a good supply of energy. They also can get tired and exhausted. While their muscles are still growing, allow them to get relaxation through massage. It helps calm their bodies and get good sleep at night.

2. It creates a bonding experience.

One of the five basic senses of humans and the first to develop is touch. Through generations, people have experienced the healing power of touch to the human mind and body. With Tender Loving Care(TLC), anyone can turn a sour relationship into a sweet one.

The new generation of kids is now more doing things on their own. They rely and spend time so much on technology that daily conversation with parents is almost hard to achieve. While children are young, let us create a good bond by giving them a regular massage.

3. Massage improves their concentration and focus.

It is normal for most children to have issues on concentration or focus. This is primarily because they are packed with energy and there is so much room for them to learn. However, if we want our children to perform well in specific areas, we need to encourage them to develop a concentrated mind.

You may need to seek the expert advice of course on how to deal deeply with your child’s concentration. The other great way to improve their concentration is though a massage which lowers their stress hormone level. Thus, making them more relaxed, happier, and focused kids.

4. It promotes better digestion.

Millions of people including children suffer daily from digestion problems like constipation and slow motility. The main culprits according to experts are not enough sleep, taking medications, lack of a balanced diet, neurological conditions, and stress. Children who take prescription drugs and are admitted to hospitals are most likely to have an upset stomach. An abdominal massage can help aid digestive problems.


Massage is a healthy way to improving both the physical and emotional well being of our children. Before diving your children to any massage, it is important as parents to ask their permission even when dealing with infants. As a rule of thumb, never force a child to do something that he or she does not agree with.

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