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Katrina Sevilla
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Filipino Beauty

Paralúman believes that every single woman has the quality of a ‘Paraluman’ deep inside their hearts. Having said that, inner beauty only comes out when it is stimulated with the right character and of course proper beauty care.


Paralúman is determined in providing quality makeup and relaxing massage services while promoting inner beauty and health to her customers as much as the outer using top-grade products.


Reveal natural beauty from the inside and out using the art of make-up and relaxation massage.  “Be your own kind of beautiful.”

Encourage differences of natural beauty in every woman’s soul by boosting inner beauty–health. “Flowers don’t think of competing with each other. They just bloom.”

Our Clients

Paralúman is happily providing excellent makeup and massage services to women of all ages including children(boys or girls) from aged 3 to 12 years old.

  1. Makeup and Massage – Women of all ages
  2. Kids Massage – Children from aged 3 to 12 years old

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Awesome Professional Make-Up & Beauty

Katrina Sevilla

Makeup Artist

Katrina is passionate about bringing beauty and relaxation together in order to provide and maintain a healthy lifestyle for each of her clients.

She is a Filipino beauty-makeup artist trained in Manila, Philippines, and Antwerp, Belgium. Now based in Belgium, she is committed to helping her clients look and feel their very best in their special moments through her makeup and relaxation massage.

What matters to her?

  1. VALUE RELATIONSHIP – She gives a warm welcome to her customers the moment they step into the studio.
  2. BEST SERVICE – She brings an answer to every question. Do you need an evening make-up? She will beautify you! Do you feel tired from a week-long of working? She will de-stress and make you feel great again.
  3. QUALITY PRODUCTS – She uses the highest quality products available in order to maintain a healthy and beautiful lifestyle for her customers.

What does Paralúman mean?

Paralúman – (noun) goddess, muse, fairy, a muse that inspires artistically.

Paralúman, in the Filipino language, is an archaic Tagalog word. It was predominantly used in the earlier days of Philippine history to describe an extremely beautiful lady. In the 19th century, it became more popular to use in poetry and art. However, it is rarely being used nowadays in daily conversations.

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